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200 hour Yoga
Teacher Training

Join us for specialized hybrid LIVE online AND in person yoga teacher training!


Next training begins March 20 - September 29, 2024.


Receive your Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour Teaching Certification in an engaging & collaborative learning environment.

Deepen your practice. Join us to focus on your mental health, body health, and spiritual wellness.


Yoga Workshops



APRIL 27 & 28







Seven Moving Principles & Sun Salutations 


Anatomy Retreat


Hip Opener Experience


Yoga Party Staycation Retreat


Mindfulness Day

In-Depth Yoga Study and
Basic Teacher Certification

200 Level Program Breakdown:

180 Contact Hours + 20 Non-Contact Hours

  • Asana Intensives & Discussions

  • Functional Anatomy & Peer Teaching

  • Yoga Practice Classes

  • Mentor Classes

  • Workshops and Retreat Hours

  • Homework, Reading, & Worksheets


Topics of Study

A few things
that set us apart

Our teacher training centers LGBTQ+ and BIPOC stories.


Our training highlights social issues, elevates social justice, and aims to center voices that have been historically marginalized.


Of course, we can’t do it without a diverse and open minded group of students to work with. 


Our teacher training is truly hands on, and taught not just from books, but from experience.


Crystal and Brandie have studied yoga, meditation, religion, and the human body and mind for decades.


Join them on this journey. You won’t regret it. 

Yoga history & Philosophy

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

8 Limbs of Yoga

Yamas & Niyamas


Hindu Dieties & Avatars



Mudra & Mantra

Bhandas & Kriyas


Yoga Living Nutrition

asana breakdowns

Teach All Levels

Sun Salutations

Forward Bends

Back Bends


Core Strengthening

Balancing & Standing

Hip & Heart Openers

sequencing &cuing

The Seven Moving Principles

Vocal & Hands on Adjustments

Yoga Benefits & Contraindications

The Business of Yoga: Professional Info for the Yoga Teacher

methodology & practice

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Applied Teaching  

Ethical Guidelines

The Schools of Yoga

Chakras & Energy Anatomy

Yoga for Seniors & Motion Restriction (Chair Yoga), Intro to Pre Natal Yoga, Yoga for Kids

Topics of Study

Open enrollment beginning each month!

Every Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm on zoom for discussions.

Last Weekend of the Month 12 pm to 5 pm in person​



Wednesday nights held online through zoom

Weekends in person at Sacred Roots Holistic Healing 2841 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803


I can’t afford teacher training. Do you have any suggestions?

YES- We take payment plans, and we are willing to barter or trade in some instances. 


I am not that good at yoga. I am not flexible. Will I be able to do the teacher training program?

YES- Don’t be so hard on yourself. Yoga is for everyone! As long as you lead from the heart you will be a wonderful teacher. 


I have not been practicing for very long. Will I be able to do the teacher training program?

YES- Come and learn with us. Lead from the heart and find your voice! 


I work full time. Will I be able to do the teacher training training program?

YES- Our training is geared toward working people. The classes are on evenings and weekends!


I have never seen a teacher that looks like me. Is your program the right program for me?

Call us to find out! We need diversity and inclusion in our program. The more diversity we have among teachers, the communities we can reach. 


How often are the classes held?

Classes our generally held online once a week, and the first weekend of every month. 


How much does the program cost?

The cost is $2222, call us for payment plans, down payments, and options. (562-637-3763)

I am afraid that I am not ready. 

Being fearful of a big change is normal. We are here to support you on this life changing path. ​


Brandie Devall

My goal is to share movement and breathing techniques with anyone who is interested in feeling less upset in life.


I like to think of my yoga style as feel good yoga. The classes that I lead focus heavily on meditation. (I think that is the point.)

I have completed 500 hours as a Certified Yoga Teacher Trainer. I am a certified mediator, and trained in QHHT (quantum healing) and Reiki. I studied Theology at LMU because I have always been interested in spirituality. I have a J.D. from Loyola Law School. For years I ran my own law firm, focusing on people in prison and people with disabilities. I have been married for 25 years, we have two sons, and we currently reside in Long Beach, California.


Crystal Dawn Rios

In 1997, I took my first yoga class at an Ashram in Denton, Texas where I studied open eye meditation. Growing up as a dancer, I found that the asana practice took me to my roots.


After my first yoga retreat where I learned how to use a neti pot and did my first head stands, I began a journey that would include many more retreats.

After a trip to Thailand where I studied Thai Massage, I moved to California in 2004, beginning my full time massage therapy practice. It was this intense physical labor that brought me to yoga three times per week for maintenance as a bodyworker. My love of anatomy as a massage therapy instructor at Everest College gave me the opportunity to marry the world of massage with yoga by teaching my students what I discovered from my own massage therapy practice. While vacationing in Central America, I was invited to teach yoga at La Paz in San Marcos, Guatemala. I knew then it was my next career calling. In 2009, I found the Cloud Nine Yoga family and dove into the 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch. I continued training with Cloud Nine and attended the Bali Bliss Intensive teacher training with the intention of being a teacher trainer myself. Since then, I attended every 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch as an assistant until I found my teaching partner and began teaching at the Lakewood Branch. We moved our training to Free Spirit Yoga in Long Beach in 2013. Advancing with the Cloud Nine family, I attended the Hawaii Ommersion 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training as an assistant. I was excited to bring the first ADVANCED teacher trainings to Long Beach in 2015. In 2020, we moved our teacher trainings online. When Free Spirit Yoga closed, I transitioned to a strong yoga chanting practice that has changed everything I thought about what yoga is. I began to study Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology, and now give readings regularly in between teaching anatomy, coaching and scuba diving. I am a member of the Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty for the Foundation for Conscious Living and am the Program Director for the Bodywork + Healing Arts Program at Panacea Holistic Institute.

Your instructors

MyCAA, a scholarship program for active duty military spouses, is one of the awesome programs that Cloud Nine Yoga participates in to make our courses more accessible. If you qualify, MyCAA will pay for your full Yoga Teacher Training tuition, as well as your Yoga Training Retreat Immersion. See the following documents to start the process:


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